Goodwill Ambassador

Pave Šporcl was awarded the role of Goodwill Ambassador for the Exchange Year 2014 between Visegrad countries and Japan.

On the 10 September 2013 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan Kohout appointed world famous violin virtuoso Pavel Šporcl as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Year of Exchange 2014 for the Visegrad countries and Japan. His appointment was based on the initiative of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Japan, where Pavel Šporcl is well known and enthusiastically received by both the audience and the music critics. Pavel Šporcl has performed with Tokyo Metropolitan Symphonic Orchestra in the famous Suntory Hall. He also released a CD for a major international labels Universal Music Japan and EMI Japan. The prime ministers of the V4 countries and Japan agreed to designate 2014 as the year of exchange at the V4 summit in Warsaw on the 16th of June, 2013. Japan, Poland and Hungary also appointed their Goodwill Ambassadors. Goodwill Ambassador is a title of honor which entitles its bearer to promote the good name of her/his country or international organization and give patronage to a range of activities in the fields of culture, tourism, commerce or charity.

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